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Pharmacists’ Role in Medication Therapy Management


Mismanagement of medications can come in different forms; the most common medication errors are: when a patient takes the incorrect dose, gets confused with Refill Prescription, or stops medication too soon. Older patients typically have more medical issues leading to more medicine usage, more interactions, and more adverse effects. The likelihood of medication-related issues increases with the amount of medication consumed.

The pharmacists at Vermillion Pharmacy take an active role in providing Medication Education to their clients. We conduct home counseling to promote health and resolve drug-related problems. We believe that health care does not end after the patient got discharged from the hospital.

Our pharmaceutical services are here to ensure that the patient will receive the necessary medical assessment and follow-up care and that their health and progress are monitored. To optimize drug therapy, we build rapport with our clients so we have an in-depth analysis of their medical condition and can come up with the best treatment option possible.

Another proactive measure that the pharmacists at the local pharmacy in Manitoba take to counter medication errors is medication reconciliation. It is a process where the patient compares the doctor’s list of prescriptions of drugs and the one he is currently taking. It eliminates the chances of missing and duplicating medications and dosing errors.

Medical Reconciliation should constantly be updated through clear communication between the health care providers and the patient.

Here at our pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we match our supplies and services available to our patient’s needs.

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