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How Medical Reconciliation Works

How Medical Reconciliation Works

One of the key pharmaceutical services provided by the top pharmacies in Manitoba is medication reconciliation after discharge. When a patient gets discharged from a medical facility, there are three clarifications that must be made regarding their medication:

  • What medicines they were taking before being confined
  • What medicines they were taking while they were confined
  • What medicines they should be taking after being discharged

A quality pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba will ensure the newly discharged patient has all the right high-quality medications, in the right quantities, to avoid future complications. Pharmacies do this by communicating with patients and their doctors, to ensure the three clarifications listed above are made.

By serving as an expert mediator between the patient and his primary healthcare provider, a local pharmacy in Manitoba can prevent the possibility of the patient making mistakes when it comes to their new medication regimen. If the patient has a caregiver in charge of medication management, the pharmacy will coordinate with the caregiver too.

This is especially crucial if the pharmacy lacks stocks of certain medications, medical supplies, and refill prescriptions—and must recommend to the patient other brands or their generic equivalents. By having direct contact with the patient’s doctor, the pharmacy can get direct approval from the healthcare professional. This will also give the patient peace of mind in case any changes are made.

Patients looking for a reputable pharmacy to provide medical reconciliation after discharge services should get in touch with Vermillion Pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Call them at 204-306-3600.

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