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How the COVID-19 Vaccine Protects You and Your Community

How the COVID-19 Vaccine Protects You and Your Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in so many ways. That is why fighting this virus requires the action of each one of us. The primary way that we can contribute to ending this pandemic is through COVID-19 vaccination. Here’s how vaccination protects us from this deadly virus:

  • A safer way to build protection

    Vaccination creates an antibody response in your immune system without having you get sick with COVID-19. This way, if ever the body encounters the virus in the future, your body already knows how to fight and defeat them. After getting your jab at a nearby Pharmacy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, you may experience mild symptoms such as fever or pain in the injection site for a few days but these are just proof that the vaccine is working in your body.

  • Herd immunity

    Getting vaccinated contributes to community protection by reducing the risk of virus transmission. If you are vaccinated, you also protect the people around you, especially those who cannot be vaccinated such as patients with cancer or HIV. Your Local Pharmacy in Manitoba provides COVID-19 vaccination to help your community achieve that herd immunity.

We at Vermillion Pharmacy encourage you and your loved ones to get your COVID-19 vaccine. As part of our Pharmaceutical Services, we are committed to combatting the coronavirus disease with you. Schedule your COVID-19 jab by calling 204-306-3600.

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